A      N     A     N      A     T      O      M     Y     -    phase 1

Studies have shown that frequent Internet users are leading lonely, solitary lives. ANANATOMY is a sytem to show that this is simply not true - that online, as you browse, you are not alone. Imagine yourself as part of one network body and inside you are a part of the whole.

Unlike most websites the graphics and sound are built by your presence. Therefore the longer you dwell inside the more you will see and the more will be seen by others.

You can add the ANANATOMY system to your homepage by using the code below.
(* currently the ANANATOMY system will not run under IE 4.0+ on the Macintosh)

this will open the ANANATOMY system window automatically when someone enters your page.
this will open the ANANATOMY system window when someone clicks a link.


a project by Auriea Harvey for Gallery9/Walker Art Center.